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Artist Alley


The Sparks Street Artist Alley is seeking artist submissions for the opportunity to display and sell their creations in the outdoor market beginning May-October 2013. Visual Artist of any medium, Indoor\Outdoor Sculptors, Photographers, Artisans, and Crafters are encouraged to submit.

Each vendor will have a 10x10 “creative space” located on the Historic Sparks Street Pedestrian Mall to display and sell their original creations. En plein air artist are strongly encouraged to apply. Vendors must provide their own tents, table, chairs, etc.

May – October every Fri, Sat & Sun 11 am - 7 pm
Cost for monthly contracts - $360 or for daily $60

*Opening weekend May 3rd, 4th, 5th*
This is a juried event.

Please submit:
5-10 jpg images attached to e-mail
Send submissions to, or for more info contact:
Deadline for submissions for the month of May is April 1, 2013
For more information:   SparksStreetArtistAlley@gmail.com
Here is where to find your favourite artist.
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Artist Alley Tour



Email: jaragona@rogers.com

Website: http://joearagona.com/

Joe Aragona has worked as a writer, editor, journalist, creative director, magazine publisher, marketing strategist, and media relations specialist. Throughout it all, cameras and cars have been close at hand.

Photography started out as a chore when a high school teacher handed him a very used Pentax SLR and asked him to take photos for the school yearbook. The chore turned into a hobby when he invested in his own SLR and explored the beauty of light in everything from landscapes and street scenes to flowers and wildlife. It became a skill when he used it to enhance his written work as a journalist with news photos, and eventually morphed into an enjoyable passion when he pointed his lenses at cars, his other obsession.

Focusing his photography on cars is a natural blending of both his passions. With each photo he tries to capture the unique combination of design and function that makes some cars rolling sculpture.


I have been photographing cars for more than 30 years. I am fascinated by them.  I restored my first car when I was 15. I worked as a car detailer through University. I have tinkered with several “Classic” cars over the years and I am an avid reader of car books and magazines. So, it always seemed natural to also take photos of cars.

From the gleam of a chrome accent, to the dance of light across the highly- polished curve of a sculpted fender, there’s something about a well designed car that captures the attention and imagination. It’s a unique combination of design and function that makes some cars rolling sculpture.

With every Photo I try to capture the unique characteristics that establish an emotional connection between car and its admirers. I am not striving for the car dealer’s brochure photo. The typical beauty shot. I try to create an impression, evoke an emotion, spark a memory, or establish a mood.  I like to explore the details that make some cars unique, the form of the mechanics that enable the function and the link between cars and our world at different stages of their life cycle.

When it all works well, the artistry of the photo highlights the artistry of the car to create an interesting perspective on a machine that has transcended its functional purpose and become such an important part of our culture.


JASMINE FENN – Water Based Oil on Canvas

Email: jasmine.rebecca.fenn@gmail.com

Website: www.jasmine-fenn.webs.com

From an early age, Jasmine has had a passion and love for the arts. She was always developing and experimenting with different materials and mediums, and has created a great number of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures over the years. Jasmine began honing her artistic talent through weekly classes taught by her godfather, marble sculptor and printmaker,Gary Barnhart. At age 7, she won the prestigious “See What I Hear” visual arts contest at the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa against over 700 entries in the six to nine-year old category. Her drawing with pen and watercolour was celebrated at the “See What I Hear” Gala and was featured on the seasonal cover of the NAC’s program, the NAC’s Christmas card, and in Statistics Canada’s Yearbook. Form an early age, it was clear that Jasmine’s future was to pursue the fine arts.

Jasmine is currently developing a contemporary version of realistic Dutch still life while researching the objects’ arrangement and symbolic meaning. She is also creating weekly life drawings as a member of a life drawing group, and enjoys the challenge of capturing the beauty and movement of a pose in charcoal and conté. In the future, Jasmine is currently developing both a collection of still-life paintings, and of life drawings which demonstrate her love of fine art, art history, and the beauty found in the body and in nature.

Artist Statement

From an early age, I have had a passion and love for the arts. As a child, I was always

developing and experimenting with different materials and mediums, and over the years, I have created a great number of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures. My current focus is painting and drawing, and I am working on two different series in both mediums. In university in Toronto at OCADU, I developed a strong interest in environmental sustainability, thereby testing and adopting water-based oil paints. These paints are less toxic, easier to use at my home studio, and dry to the touch much faster than traditional oil paints. My particular interest is in 17th century Dutch still life painting, where objects were often arranged based on their symbolic meaning. Later still-life painters that I find fascinating are Manet and Canadian female painter Mary Pratt. In my studio, I am currently developing a contemporary version of realistic Dutch still life while researching the objects’ arrangement and symbolic meaning. I paint within the tradition of realism while incorporating more vivid colours and simplified compositions. I am also creating weekly life drawings as a member of a life drawing group, where I enjoy the challenge of capturing the beauty and movement of a pose in charcoal and conté.



Email: katjette@gmail.com

Website: http://katjette.blogspot.ca

Kat Jetté lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. She received her honours degree in fine arts from the University of Ottawa, and studied photography at Algonquin College. Most recently, Kat's work has become focused on acrylic painting techniques and the use of innovative acrylic mediums to interpret her vision. Kat is influenced heavily by the Impressionist painters and early landscape photographers. Kat is an experienced picture framer by trade, but also enjoys dabbling in watercolours, collage and crafting.

Artist Statement

I call my compositions abstract landscapes. Horizon, balance, light, and shadow; these elements of the natural environment are intrinsically familiar to the viewer, and through my work I hope to inspire a sense of wonder, while at the same time keeping the viewer grounded in that familiarity. I like to create an atmosphere that references traditional landscape, yet appears otherworldly at the same time. When I compose my pieces I borrow classic cues from nature but utilize unusual colours and textures. Bright purples, deep blues, warm golds and iridescent colours are used to help create the sense of otherworldliness within the viewer. When I set out to begin a piece, I tend to start with the visual centre, the horizon. From there I begin sculpting with heavy texture mediums to create a tactile environment that alludes to elements found in nature. I build the sky, rocks, land, and water onto the canvas. Finally, I highlight the texture with pearlescent and iridescent paints. Iridescent paint is one of my favourite tools as it has the unique ability to change colour as the viewer moves around the piece. It is my wish as an artist for the viewer to experience something different each time they look at my work, while at the same time captivate them with my unlikely approach to a traditional genre.


Email: beddallm@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mikesblender.com/oilpainting.html

Michael Beddall was born and raised in Ottawa. Though he excelled in art from an early age, he only recently began to get more serious about it. He realized after years of studying unstimulating subjects and working at unfulfilling jobs that he was meant to be an artist. After graduating from university with a degree in Linguistics and Applied Languages, he had a strong urge to travel overseas. Travel turned into settling down and he spent 10 years or so in Asia teaching English before heading back to Canada to study as graphic designer. It was the best thing he ever did. Art and design are now integral to his life and he has never been happier.

Artist Statement

Michael Beddall was trained as a graphic designer but likes to think of himself as primarily a painter and illustrator. With a subtle minimalistic approach, Michael tries to approach a wide scale of subjects, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical, and believes in the idea of function following form in a work. His paintings directly respond to the surrounding environment and use everyday experiences as a starting point. Many of his works are based on inspiring situations: serene contemplation, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric, humoristic elements. His goal is for the viewer to become part of the art as a kind of added component. Art is entertainment. To be able to interact with a painting is important.


Email: paul@pnksculpture.com

 Website:  www.pnksculpture.com

Ottawa artist Paul Naman Khoury born 1974.  “My work is an outer reflection of my inner subjective experiences – non verbal creative expression. In my world, dogma’s do not exist – freedom, strength and beauty prevail.” Dedication  to offering custom quality craftsmanship in each piece. Influences/Inspiration -  Life/Nature. Studied at the Ottawa School of Art. Self taught studies – Wax carving/Mold making/Lost Wax casting/Finishing/polishing/jewelery making/bronze sculpture.

Affilations – Through casting my larger works in bronze I have had the opportunity to work with established local artists and foundries, including the Art Foundry of Inverness QC.  Branching out  - starting off big and going small. I started creating bronze sculptures in 1999 and after years of dedication to the craft I chose to take a scaled down approach, primarily inspired by my desire to make sculpture art wearable; the result – the PNK silver jewelery line.  This has been a challenging and rewarding venture as I was able to further develop my skills of focusing on the fine attention to detail that small pieces require. This also provided me with the opportunity to build a foundry from ground up and immerse myself in learning and applying the techniques of the lost wax casting process.


I’m a local artist with over 13 years experience creating sculptures & jewelry. I keep the creative fire alive and inspire others to do the same. I try to capture the spirit of each of my subjects and convey the characteristics they embody in precious metal.  I love sharing my work with people especially when they take the time to contemplate the work and the moment they reach out to touch it. I took this appreciation a step further by making jewelry embodied with the same qualities as my sculptures so people can wear them. The jewlry has provided me with the priviledge of setting up at local craft shows and getting people involved with the community to raise awareness for charity and to get to know people.  I continue to work on my own inspirations and have been lucky enough to receive requests from people locally and miles away. My other interests include photography, film and digital art.



Email: say_ivison@yahoo.ca

Website: www.saywardjohnson.com

I am a copper artist with several years of study in both textile techniques and metalsmithing. My textile-based works are made with hand-woven, hand-knitted and hand-coiled copper wire. They address the juxtapositions of the new made old, the malleable made work-hardened, and the merging of craft techniques that appear incompatible. As an artist, I seek to create unanticipated works of art that evoke emotion, inspire curiosity and invite questions. My patinated weavings explore my fascination with fabrics that adhere to the laws of metalsmithing as well as those of textiles, and furthermore, present traditional patterns in unexpected contexts. More recently, I have begun investigating the craft of embroidery by stitching into my weavings and playing with the contrast of soft thread against aged metal and the subtle effect of broken patinas. My ongoing work represents a continual state of change as I investigate the interplay between copper and various mediums and push the boundaries of my materials.



Email: laura@laurakaardal.com

Website: www.laurakaardal.com

Laura Kaardal is an emerging artist from Vancouver Island, BC, who is primarily self-taught in drawing and painting techniques, and holds a diploma in visual arts. She now lives in Ottawa, ON where she dedicates her time to creating art.

With a background in drawing realistic pencil portraits, Laura applies a certain amount of realism to her acrylic paintings and pencil crayon drawings. She combines this realism with saturated colours and a simplified style to create vibrant, engaging street scenes primarily of New York and Paris. Her reference photos are taken spontaneously which results in interesting paintings, capturing people in the middle of conversations, looking over their shoulders, or just walking by. She includes many details so the viewer can study a person’s face, glance up at a street sign or window, or wonder what is around the corner, but most importantly get a sense of the city it’s energy.

Artist Statement

The foundation of my artistic experience is portraiture. I spent years drawing ultra-realistic portraits of people from photographs, developing my technical ability to accurately reproduce images. This formative experience is reflected in my new series of acrylic paintings. Taken from snapshots of New York and Paris, my most recent pieces depict street scenes that are, in a way, portraits of the cities themselves.

Unlike my traditional portraits, the realism in this series is tempered with a simplified style to suggest a sense of impression. I like to paint with enough realism that it catches the viewer’s attention, but there are areas that are painted with flat colours or less detail to contribute to the mood of the scene. It initially strikes as photographic, but is very much a painted rendering that draws the viewer in. I have always been attracted to impressions of cityscapes. For example, I find French Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte’s paintings of Parisian city views very charming, and I strive for a similar appeal.

I usually take my reference photos casually while walking by, without having scoped out a composition. The subjects are always spontaneous. This naturalism makes for an interesting painting, lending energy and personality to the scene. Viewers can study pedestrians, look off into the distance, or glance up at a street sign or window. My favourite images are those that also suggest the act of “people watching,” capturing people in the middle of conversations, looking over their shoulders, or just walking by.

I want the viewer to feel that they are catching these people in a moment but still have a sense that they are going about their days in the city. I want to leave the viewer with an impression of the city from walking its streets, observing its people, and feeling its energy.



Email: cherylmayhew@hotmail.com

Website: http://mayhewcheryl.tumblr.com/

Born in the prairies and raised in a village in Western Quebec, Cheryl Mayhew received her Fine Art Diploma from Heritage College in Gatineau in 1992. An award winning artist, her talents span the horizon of artistic endeavors from painting and drawing to photography, typography, acting and more. Cheryl traveled extensively through Australia and upon returning to Canada in 2004, she began her second career in the Prime Minister’s Office, supporting The Right Honourable Paul Martin. Cheryl has combined her artistic talents, her great love of travel and her positive experience working for the Prime Minister. Career highlights include: winning second place at the 2012 Ottawa Orchid Society’s Annual Show for her photograph in the theme competition, having two iPhoneography prints selected for a 2011 exhibit in Las Vegas, Vegas from the Hip, and participating in an exhibit at La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa. As well, Cheryl has been honoured to provide calligraphy services for former Prime

Minister Martin. Cheryl lives in Ottawa and is currently pursuing another creative passion studying graphic design.

Artist Statement

Adventure travel much like creating art is very therapeutic. Both helped me deal with the death of my mother

and grandmother. Images of far off places evoke a sense of excitement provoking my urge to explore. Inspiration is everywhere. I try to spot the good, the beauty and the humour in everything. For this body of work I draw inspiration from the style elements used in vintage travel posters and the ridiculousness of messaging in propaganda posters. Living in Ottawa and working in the prime minister’s office has given me a better understanding of news media spin on messaging. Toying with this concept and manipulating colour schemes

and style in my images, my goal is to echo that vintage genre with a touch of satire. My collection of cheeky, anti-promotional travel posters are meant to be a tribute to the styles I admire while celebrating great destinations. All posters are designed on my iPhone using my digital photographs, applications and then printed on paper. Creating art is a natural passion and I feel compelled to do it. It’s exciting, it’s therapy, it feeds my soul. I can say the same for discovering new places and new people. Art, travel and human connection were pivotal in bringing me back from a dark place after the devastation of my mother’s death. It is my hope to inspire others though my work to discover the joys and rewards of adventure travel.



Email: smithmd@rogers.com

Website: http://mikerocosmos.weebly.com/

Michael is a graduate (with honours) of the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts studio arts program. His works include large scale abstract pieces using various media such as plaster, wool, wood and acrylic medium. An accomplished pen and ink artist, Michael has also completed several private commissions including portraits and abstracts. He has exhibited regularly in group shows in the Ottawa area such as the Annual Glebe Fine Arts Show as well as other group shows. Michael lives and works in Ottawa. Contact him via his Website

Artist Statement

 I take inspiration from the architecture around me, whether it be natural or man-made. By adding and removing layers of paint, my goal is to achieve a sense of depth, energy and tension in my paintings



Email: ntzouzou@gmail.com

Website: http://lagaleriedenathalie.webs.com/

I am a self-taught painter.  My University degrees are in Biochemistry and Marketing.  I have been working to the Université du Québec en Outaouais since 1993 in the Recruitment and Communication Department.  I started to paint while I was going through Chemotherapy to treat and aggressive breast cancer that was diagnosed 4 years ago.  Since I can remember I have always liked to experiment with colors.  To paint at that particular period of my life helped me escape from reality and forget about everything except the piece I was working on.  It was kind of a therapy from art.  I have been married for 18 years and my husband works in Geneva, Switzerland.  That gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my wonderful 14 year old daughter.

Artist Statement

The following quote is a powerful statement for me because it is very indicative of my life.

"The apple tree itself, if it ever found a voice, could tell us some things about life : Bow to storms-they will pass. You can bend in the wind without breaking. You don't know how strong you are until your strength is tested."

Extracted from the book The Spirit of hope



Email: nnettleton@hotmail.com

Nate Nettleton is a self taught visual artist based in Ottawa Ontario. His most recent “overlapping wooden panel” collection consists of over 35 pieces ranging in size from 14”x18” to 26”x50”.  They reflect his travels around Australia and New Zealand, as well as his strong connection to water, oceans and the natural world.  Currently Nate is showing these works at Maxwells Bistro, and previously at Oh So Good Cafe as well as in various group shows around Ottawa. 

Artist Statement

My paintings are produced with wood and acrylic paints, constructing various overlaying patterns with shingle like pieces of wood, bringing underlying life and movement to the simple and still.  My painting ideas stem mainly from positive interactions and experiences, also from many different visual inspiration outlets that surround me.  Each piece is representational of connections to inspiring aspects of life; the ocean, nature, freedom, love, and the discovery of accidental beauty through experimentation and creativity; much like life itself.



I was raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  As a child playing with colors was my favourite pastime.  A deep desire to learn about art led me to study Art History at the University of Ottawa,.  I have continued taking art classes and workshops with professional artists in the Ottawa area.  I live with my family on Constance Lake in Dunrobin, Ontario.  It is here where I draw inspiration from the vivid and varied colours of the natural world that surrounds me.

Artist Statement

I like to paint intuitively.  I draw expression from the natural world and my own inner world. I then invite the viewer to his own experience.



Email: moehussainstudios@yahoo.ca

I was born in Georgetown Guyana but moved to Canada as a young man to study science at McGill University in Montreal. I was always keenly interested in art since I was a teenager when I sculpted the faces of many Indian actors and actresses from clay. Upon leaving Guyana, my interest in art remained but it was not until I finished my university training that I went back to art. I started out with watercolors and did that for about two years when I was drawn to oils watching shows such as William Alexander and Bob Ross and their wet-on-wet technique.

When I moved to the National Capital Region, I took up residence in rural Kanata.  Living in the country and awed by the beautiful fall colors in my neighbourhood, I focused on painting fall landscapes using the wet-on-wet oil technique.  Gradually, I moved away from wet-on-wet and continued to develop my own style and technique in oil painting which I can apply to a wider variety of subjects.  I have been working with oils for the past 25 years.

During the years, I took numerous painting workshops and classes where I learned different ways of creating a composition and transferring it to canvas, of under-painting and applying paint, of differences in values, shades, hues, textures, and color, and of balancing and harmonizing colors in a painting.

About a year ago, I became intrigued with encaustics and found myself researching the technique on the internet. There are many variations to this technique, but I was drawn to the heated-iron and hot stylus method used by Michael Bossom.  I completed some fine pieces which were juried into gallery-sponsored art shows without hesitation. I now realized that encaustics is my art 'calling' and I intend to pursue it vigorously over the coming years and have fun doing it.  But I will continue to work in oils which is still my passion.

I am generally inspired by beautiful sceneries such as colorful landscapes, breath-taking sunsets and interesting seascapes and many of my paintings try to capture this ambiance.

Artist Statement

I enjoy working with encaustics because of the brilliancy and vibrancy of the wax colors in a painting.  I have always been passionate about art since I was a teenager and encaustics give me the opportunity to explore various scenarios real and imagined.



Email: angela.visarts@gmail.com

Website:  http://angelalive.wix.com/works


I am currently attending the University of Ottawa for Visual Arts and am focussing in painting for my final year in the fall. I was born in the country about an hour east of Ottawa but am now enthralled by downtown living and travelling throughout Canada. I have seen most of the country and wish to continue to see it all with merely a backpack and a sketchbook in tow. I aim to express emotion through my art and create abstract works that capture the moment they were made, their interpretation being left up to how the viewer is feeling.


Artist Statement


I am inspired by colour. I get sudden bursts of inspiration from the way light cascades over water, from the dying tones of a fallen leaf, or from the colour of the sky on a winter day; anything can be captivating. I take that feeling and represent it with a surrealist edge, emphasizing the colours, diminishing the lines and making it dreamlike, almost unreal. Each work demonstrates an emotional moment, a memory that is filled with a whirlwind of colour that is overwhelming and serene at the same time. I ask the viewer to question how they see colour and what they interpret from the chaos. I express a piece of myself in each work and want to share that through an abstracted perception.



Email: eman_husseini@hotmail.com

My name is Eman Husseini. I have been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon. My parents were always supportive of my hobby and I was always encouraged to keep drawing by art teachers at school. It wasn't until High School that I met my first real mentor: my art teacher named Dale Waldoch. After her tragic and unexpected death, I was chosen to receive the Art Award in her name and honor. That was my first real confirmation as an artist. From there, I decided to pursue Art History at Carleton University and have earned my Bachelors Degree. My Arabic background and my years spent living in the Middle East play a huge role in my art and influences my designs (Arabic writing, motifs, etc.) I have dedicated myself to working within the field, whether it be at an artistic summer camp, in art galleries, organizing articles in the National Gallery Archives, or just picking up a pencil and sketching for hours on end. My favorite mediums are graphite and acrylic and I love to surprise loved friends and family with unexpected gifts! Their reaction is priceless. 


I have only recently learned that Art comes from the word "Artifice" meaning 'not real.' That may be true, but an artist can undoubtedly evoke some very real emotions in their work. One such artist that I find compelling is Kat Von D, the famous tattoo artist from the TV show LA Ink. You could say she is my artistic idol in the way she captures realism in her black and white portraits. There is something charming in that old-fashioned style of drawing. 



Email: mikebruneau2000@gmail.com

Website: www.michaelbruneau.com

Michael Bruneau is an artist and educator of Métis and Franco-Ontarian descent. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, he now works out of Ottawa, Canada.  Michael’s artistic education is rooted in a Concentration in Fine Arts that he obtained while studying English literature at the University of Ottawa.  This background was expanded upon by self-study and painting courses at the Ottawa School of Art. Michael’s work is regularly featured at juried art shows and events, such as the Old Ottawa South Art and Music Festival, and the Friends of Bon Echo Art Exhibition. It is also regularly featured in Ottawa cafés and shops, such as The Daily Grind.

Michael’s paintings focus on traditional and contemporary Canadian imagery while exploring ideas of travel, confinement and escape. The interplay between species and the blending of spaces features prominently in his art. This creates images and stories that are at once alien and familiar, past and present, simplistic and complex. Michael is inspired by the work of Alex Colville, David Blackwood, Carl Beam and Alex Gross. His subject matter is pulled from travels throughout North America, as well as explorations of literature, history and music.

“My paintings are distillations of ideas or conversations – be they about family, nature, death or love – compositions that invite the viewer to participate. I prefer to use bold colours and repetitive elements to create music on the canvas, or to reflect a shared history – a shared experience.”   Michael’s work continues to pursue the goal of creating aesthetically-pleasing pieces of art that reveal and illuminate the natural and the constructed world, as well as our place therein.

Artist Statement

As an emerging artist, my art has followed several paths of interest that have been converging towards a distilled style. A sampling of my body of work will reflect some explorations of the abstract, treatment of a theme (a loose series entitled ‘Moose In The City’), a series of portraits associated with regional flags of Canada, playful use of the colours of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and some reinterpretations of classic works (such as a portrait of Freddy Mercury that mimics Fernand Léger’s Le mécanicien).

I paint images that tell stories, and these images often lead viewers to seek out their own stories as they are reflected on the canvas. The players in my paintings – the whale, the moose, the paddler, the musician – act as recurring guides in a body of work that aims to denote the interconnectedness of all things. Personal concerns, such as environmentalism, as well as elements of the shared Canadian experience, such as travel and exploration, serve as the backdrop for these stories.



Email: olga.radushkevich@gmail.com

Website: http://olgabatik.comule.com/

Olga Radushkevich was born and grown up in Siberia. She studied art in St.Petersburg in private art studio of Lucian Dolinsky from 1991 to 1998. During that time she learned the different techniques as oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media. She lives in Canada from 2011. Now she continues to work with painting and discovers more and more sources for inspiration and connections between Canadian, Russian and Eastern Asian traditions of painting. She works in mixed media to find the perfect combination of materials for every painting.

Artist Statement

Substitute 'artist' for 'dissident in “You do not become a "dissident" just because you decide one day to take up this most unusual career. You are thrown into it by your personal sense of responsibility, combined with a complex set of external circumstances. You are cast out of the existing structures and placed in a position of conflict with them.“  Vaclav Havel

My primary technique is painting on natural silk (batik). I use different materials on it to express the beauty of nature because there is the perfect combination of tender texture of silk with shining pure colours. I paint nature to try to determine the place for humanity in it. The main idea is to represent the position of an artist in society and position of nature on an Earth dominated by human beings.



Email: Agata@pazab.ca

Website: www.pazab.ca

Agata was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1975 to polish immigrant parents. After an enjoyable childhood in Ottawa, Agata left to follow her heart.  She moved to Las Vegas Nevada to marry her husband and spent a few years travelling throughout the American Southwest.  In 2011 Agata relocated back to Ottawa with her husband and 4 children. Agata has displayed and sold her work in several Fine Art Shows throughout the Ottawa valley. Agata’s work can be found in many private collections in Ottawa and Quebec and Las Vegas.

Artist Statement

Agata is a self taught artist.  La Vita Bella! The beautiful life!  This is what Agata’s paintings represent.  Her inspirations stem from life’s simple moments & emotions.  Savoring a glass of wine with a special friend, enjoying a moment of solitude with a cup of coffee or simply watching her children dance and play are the moments that make the soul smile!  Agata Attempts  to pause these moments and bring  them  to life on canvas through  her abstract characters and vibrant colors for all to enjoy .She truly embraces the beauty of life and people representing “La Joie de Vivre”.



Email: preston@pazab.ca

Website: www.pazab.ca

Preston Zaborowski was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979 where he remained throughout his childhood. At 16 his family moved to Las Vegas Nevada where Preston spent the next sixteen years exploring the vast and desolate Mojave Desert and American southwest.  Preston is a self taught artist who started developing his unique artistic style after high school through private experimentation. Preston, his wife and four children immigrated to Ottawa in 2011 and are enjoying all that Canada has to offer. His work can be found in private collections throughout Las Vegas, San Francisco and Ottawa.



Email:  soraya_ps@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.wix.com/soraya_ps/zizi

I was born in Brazil, and have lived in many countries, each place adding a unique memory and feeling to my imagination. I have always had a passion for art and am immediately drawn to any painting in any room I’ve been in.  I’ve studied the play of light and dark conceived by the artists imagination using humble pigments brought together by the stroke of a brush.  It is still amazing to me the feeling a painting can convey with a simple brush full of paint. Today, I strive to achieve to translate my personal experiences, what I’ve seen, what I love, and how I feel for something to my paintings.

Artist Statement

With a love for colour and nature, I immerse myself in my paintings with passion. I love to play with colour, and am always amazed at it's many beautiful surprises. More abstract than real, the paintings say 'here, look at me!'. They evoke within me a response and an immediate connection, that make me feel happy and alive.

They are truly a celebration, filled with fun and fantasy and a colourful spontaneity that reveal the whimsical side of my personal ‘secret garden’.

Other works, delve into the abstract world of expression by colour and not form, while still others reveal a world closer to reality hidden within my own imagination.



Email : bentalot@planetpulsemedia.com

Websites:    www.planetpulsemedia.com


Brent Charbonneau is a Sheridan College, Interpretive Illustration Graduate. He has worked commercially for over fifteen years developing product packaging designs, illustrations and web designs from his home in Ottawa, Canada. Brent has been a lifelong painter of landscapes and portraits. Most recently he was drawn
to Rapa Nui (Easter Island in the South Pacific) to paint scenes of the remote island, it's people and the mysterious stone sculptures known to the local population as 'Moai'. Brent will be showcasing his oil on canvas paintings of Rapa Nui in 2013.

Artist Statement

I am interested in ancient and native cultures which I capture 
in my paintings in oil (on canvas). Each layer of oil is a reminder of the passage of time, an accumulation 
of something lost and waiting to be rediscovered. Each stratum represents 
the knowledge forgotten or a mystery unsolved from time immemorial. My goal, to evoke a mood, to tell a simple story with brush strokes, 
at times hidden or obscured and transport the viewer to the past. 
I would like the viewer to share some of the mystery and to experience 
some discovery of a native people and their secrets.



Email: scott@eisengrimms.com

Website: www.grimmtugglies.com

Scott McClelland's family ran a Carnival and Circus Sideshow for 48 years, so it's no wonder that his inspiration comes from the exotic and absurd world of the carnivals of the past. He has spent 34 years as a professional artist and his work can be found in private collections in North America and abroad, and has been showcased in numerous exhibitions across the country.

A dark sense of humor permeates all of his work, and a sly wink to the supernatural underlies everything he creates. McClelland's latest vision features a whimsical and creepy carnivalesque world based around the mythological Grimmtugglies, which he describes as "a mix of Carnival Funhouse meets Edward Gorey." It is a synthesis of his work with water color, acrylic, mixed media art and sculpture.

Leah Hicks - Mixed Media

Email: leah@lhstudios.ca<mailto:leah@lhstudios.ca>

Website: www.lhstudios.ca<http://www.lhstudios.ca>

Walk into a compelling world of contrast, texture and colour. Leah's form of art initially began when she was attending art class during her teenage years. She took Graphic Design in College and continued to take various art classes to help develop her skills. Stories born of her travels coast onto canvas taking strong direction from the ebb and flow of her materials. Her favorite tools are probably her hands. By creating paintings with a wide range of mediums has led herto showing her work in many juried exhibitions such as Ottawa Artisans Guild for four years, Ottawa Art Expo for three years, La Petite Mort Gallery for one year and the 2012 Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, in Florence, Italy.

Her love of artist her passion and will stay with her.
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